Kelcy Eckels earned a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Sociology and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Central Oklahoma.

She performed her clinical internship at the Edmond Family Counseling. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). She thoroughly consults

with the Grove Counseling & Psychotherapy group weekly. In addition, she continues to grow clinically by acquiring new knowledge from various

therapeutic treatment training seminars and literature. She aspires to a life of continual learning and growing.


Kelcy is passionate about helping people who feel overwhelmed and inferior by guiding them toward healing and living their full potential. 


Kelcy believes that a safe and nonjudgmental therapeutic relationship is essential for helping people open up and overcome obstacles that constantly impair further growth. She knows that it's possible to enjoy life more and regulate your emotions well at the same time.  She believes that her role is to not just help people overcome problems, but also to help them live more harmonious and thrive.

Professional Experience: 

Kelcy has clinical experience with outpatient settings helping young adults and adults with anxiety, depression, emotion regulation issues and other related issues. She serves as a therapist with The Grove Counseling and Psychotherapy Group. She previously served as a Therapist within a school system providing individual psychotherapy, as well as emotion-regulation psychoeducation. She served as a Therapist for young adults, adults, and elderly as an independent contractor. A Counseling Intern at Edmond Family Counseling providing individual, and group counseling. A Counseling Practitioner at the Psychology Clinic at UCO, providing individual, and group counseling. While pursuing her M.A., she served as a Behavioral Rehab Specialist, providing psychoeducation and behavioral interventions for young adults, adults, and elderly. She served as a Crisis Advocate with YWCA, providing immediate support for Survivors of Sexual Assault. While pursuing her B.A., she volunteered for 2 years as a Mental Health Mentor for Teenline, providing support for individuals in turmoil. She also served as a Behavioral Tutor, providing Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) for kids with autism. 

Kelcy Eckels​​


Licensed Professional Counselor

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